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.When I reach the building, my trailing scarf gets caught in the revolving door and
for a flickering second I imagine suffering the fate of that dancer from the 1920’s (what
was her name?) whose scarf caught in the open spokes of her rear car wheel. I can picture
myself crumpled on the floor of the revolving glass door partition, manuscript pages
raining down on me like prize money inside the cash booth on Beat the Clock. (Isadora
Duncan! That was her name.)

The Editor by Steven Rowley

Beat the Clock is a TV game show starting from 1950s.
What is the cash booth in the show like?

Is it like this?

Please help. Thank you.

Please help. Thank you.
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    Yes it was that kind of thing, in the 2002-03 incarnation of the show:
    The winning couple played the "Swirling Whirlwind of Cash and Prizes", which took place inside a machine similar to a vertical wind tunnel. $25,000 in cash was inside the machine, as well as several "prize vouchers" (coloured slips of paper with the names of prizes written on them). Several more vouchers would be tossed into the machine prior to the start of the round.
    Once inside the machine, both players tried to grab as much money and prize vouchers as they could within a 1-minute time limit.
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