cash on delivery

Esad Nr

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Can say different phrase instead of cash on delivery as is the case with sentence below. I am asking if it is correct or not grammatically. As I am not native speaker sometimes I couldn’t find correct phrase.

He sent me package by cargo with payment by receiver
  • entangledbank

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    'Cash on delivery' is so much the standard term that, as The Newt says, we have a standard abbreviation for it: everyone understands COD, but a new term might puzzle people. We might ask: What does this mean? Is it the same as COD, or do I have to do something different?


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    Cash on delivery - The phrase tells us when and how is it paid for.
    Payment by receiver - The phrase tells us who pays for it. The receiver could pay for it long after the act of receiving and I think the intended receiver could pay for it before receiving it.
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