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Hi there
Could you please tell me if "cash out" here means "selling" ? ( the guy who wrote this is a financial broker )

I am going to have a partner and he will relieve some pressure. I can live on less. And if I want to cash out at say 63.5 I can annuitize my book with Tim. He is 37 and a good guy.I know him 18 years when he worked her as a caller.

The source is just an email from someone who works as a broker and just hired another broker to help him and relieve some pressure. I hope this is enough source

Thanks in advance
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    Cash out cam means - To sell somthing caluable and get all the money for it immediately, or to could all the money taken by a shop or business at the end of the day, in order to check that its the correcte amount.

    So, for me the first one would work in your case.
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