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    Can anybody explain what is the difference between a cashier's check and a counter check? After looking for definitions, it appears to me they are synonyms. But my problem is they appear twice in the description of a bank account, so I guess there should be some kind of a slight differenciation.

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    ¿Alguien sabe la diferencia entre un "cashier's check" y un "counter check"? Después de buscar definiciones en varias fuentes, me parece que son sinónimos; no obstante, y debido a que aparecen en la descripción de los servicios de una cuenta de banco, me parece que debe existir una ligera diferencia.

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    A cashier's check is a certified check (official check). So someone goes into a bank and either gives them cash, or they withdraw the money that they already have in their account and get it put into a cashier's check. That check is recorded by the bank, so if that check is lost they have to go back to the bank to get the money transfered again. (Normally if a check is lost, no money is transfered, it was as if the check wasn't written). Also, when someone gets an official check, they can cash that for cash on the spot. Many banks don't let people cash regular checks unless they have an account there that has matching funds.

    A counter check is like a personal check that you can get at the bank. Say you ran out of checks you can get a counter check and they can encode your information/tracking number on the bottom of it. It is not official, and is even less official than a personal check because it doesn't have your name/address on it.

    Lo explico bien? Espero que te ayuda.

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