Casillero del diablo

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    The meaning of this phrase, according to the wine producers, is "Cellar of the Devil" - but all dictionary definitions give the meaning of Casillero as a desk, locker, or pigeonhole (desk)
    Can it also mean "cellar" ?
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    I’ve never heard “casillero” meaning “cellar”, but the RAE dictionary defines it as:

    Casillero. Mueble con varios senos o divisiones, para tener clasificados papeles u otros objetos.

    So I suppose it can be used to store bottles of wine as well…

    The legend (you-may-not-have-read-this-yet), dates back to the nineteenth century, so maybe it was a word used then…

    Interesting, anyway! Let’s wait and see if someone has more information about it!

    Greetings :)
  3. Davidbahg Senior Member

    Both are right. The traslation 'cellar' do not reflex the exact meaning of the word 'casillero' but the real nature of the place (in fact, the 'Casillero del Diablo' is a cellar located in the vineyard facilities).

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