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    Hola, estoy haciendo una traduccion legal, y hay algunos términos que no encuentro, ¿me podrían ayudar por favor?

    * presentó en la oficina de sorteos y casilleros judiciales una demanda por nulidad de testamento.....

    filed in the office of drawings and judicial mailboxes a lawsuit for will nullity.
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    Según el autor Thomas West (Spanish-English Dictionary of Law and Business), casillero judicial tiene dos acepciones: 1. (Mex) criminal record [also called antecedentes penales] 2. (Ecu) room in the courthouse where attorney's mailboxes are locates.

    Dicho autor asímismo nos brinda los siguiente:
    sorteo 1. random selection 2. sweepstakes
    sorteo de asuntos distribution of caseloads [to various judges]
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    Gracias, Don Joaquin Escriche por su ayuda.
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  4. David

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    I believe that "sorteo", as applied to the assignment of cases to individual judges at random, an attempt to avoid "judge-shopping," refers to the use of a "tombola" or other means of random selection. This process is called in English
    "assignment by lots," whether used in the context of a court or for example in selecting the members of a company's initial Board of Directors who will serve respectively for 1, 2, or 3 years, their names being drawn at random "from a hat."

    The use of "casillero" in Ecuador is facinating. I always thought the "cuarto de casilleros" is where the football team kept their smelly uniforms and dirty shoes in their lockers, "casilleros."

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