CASO - Centre d’Accueil, de Soins et d’Orientation

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    Salut tout le monde!:)

    I'm currently translating an article from Médecins du Monde. I'm struggling with the following sentence:

    Les 21 CASO ont accueilli, en 2009, 25 863 personnes différentes lors de 56 173 passages et effectué 40,341 consultations médicales et dentaires.

    Would 'passages' in this case mean referrals or consultations? I found that it can also mean 'short stays.'

    Hope someone can help me! Merci x
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    Hi Amelie

    CASO means "Centre d’Accueil, de Soins et d’Orientation". So in my opinion what this sentence means is that these so-called "CASO" centres have received 25,863 unique visitors who came to visit a total of 56,173 times (i.e. some people visited the centres more than once).

    Sorry about "unique visitors", it's probably not the right term but I'm influenced by my job here... and Google Analytics in particular :p
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    Thank you very much for your help, the sentence is now clear:)

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