cast / type-cast [printing]

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Could you tell me what does "cast" mean in the following definition?

Thank you.


2. (of text to be printed) having the type already cast.
  • In what dictionary did you find that definition?

    It usually means being selected for a part in a play or film.

    • to select actors for (a play, etc.):The directors and producers were casting the part of Hamlet.
    • to assign a role to (an actor):[~ + object]They cast him in the role of Caesar.[~ + object + as + object]They cast him as Hamlet in their production.
    WR Dictionary


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    Seems like the dictionary is referring to the use in printing. The original way of printing text was to use movable type in a printing press (see, e.g., wiki). Those letters were created by casting a liquid metal in a mo(u)ld. Later, it became possible to "cast" a whole line of "type" in a special machine (named Linotype:D) . This was referred to as type-cast.


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    Doesn't this word also carry the meaning of "assigning an actor to a given kind of role because s/he has played it before" and seems to fit it well? E.g., the "action hero," the dumb blonde."
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