casual acquaintance

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I'd like to translate "casual acquaintance" into french.
This is the context : the word word friend can mean from a casual acquintance to a person that you've known since your childhood.
Any suggestion would be welcome.
Thank you.:)
  • kip872002

    i'd rather say : une connaissance accidentelle or une connaissance fortuite.
    Anyway thank you for your suggestion.

    Any other suggestion ?


    Canada (English)
    A casual acquaintance is a person whose name and face you recognize - you can even get along with that person - but you don't really consider that him or her a friend (that is, someone you feel comfortable with, and with whom you can share personal details of your life.) An example of a casual acquaintance is someone you met once or twice at a gathering, or someone you work with, but you don't have contact with him or her outside the workplace.

    So the connotation (emotional meaning) of a casual acquaintance might be rendered in French « une connaissance superficielle », or « une connaissance passante » or something like that. The word « lien » comes to mind as well, although not « liaison » - that brings a more intimate relationship to the English mind.

    If I'm not getting the right sense in French in any of the above, please correct me. Hope this helps and doesn't hinder...
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