casual leave vs. privilege leave

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  1. estrelladelmar Senior Member

    HI TO ALL,

    Casual leave c'est les jours de congé payé?
    Contrairement à privilege leave.
    Le GDT ne dit rien par rapport à cela.
  2. bloomiegirl

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    This is, at best, an inadequate answer: This company's site lists privilege leave, medical leave and casual leave for Indian employment.
    Unfortunately, the site doesn't *explain* the differences. :confused:

    Where are the Indians?
  3. wildan1

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    Based on the link it sounds to me like privilege leave is like AE annual leave (vacances) and casual leave is like personal days (des congés personnels que l'on prend sans avoir à présenter de prétexte)
  4. bloomiegirl

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    New York
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    That's what it sounds like to me too, but I figured I was just guessing.
    But if there are two of us then it's a trend. (Sorry, that's an old Arlo Guthrie joke that I couldn't resist.)
  5. marcolo

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    Question to extrelladelmar :

    Which country these leaves are related to ?
    Is it India, South Africa, Bengladesh ?

    I think that it will be difficult to find a french equivalent because the
    leave system in France and in this other country are probably different.

    From what said wildan, I guess that

    privilege leave = congés imposés (congés communs à tous les employés de l'entreprise)
    casual leave = congés libres

    By googling, I guess that this notion is specific to India, as mentionned by bloomiegirl. So, if an indian could show up ...
  6. estrelladelmar Senior Member

    Yes these leaves relate to India.
    Thanks anyway for your suggestions!

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