Casual response to "Entschuldigung." (no problem)

Discussion in 'Deutsch (German)' started by Sonnigen und 70, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. Sonnigen und 70 New Member

    Hallo! What would be a common response to Entschuldigung? Is there an equivalent to "No problem..." ?
    Viel Dank!
  2. Laura Moosburger Senior Member

    Rio de Janeiro
    brazilian portuguese
    Yes, for example: "Keine Sorge", or, most common: "das macht nichts".

    You can also say "Kein Problem" (= no problem)
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  3. MrMagoo

    MrMagoo Senior Member

    Westphalia, Germany
    Westphalia, Germany; German
    "Nicht schlimm!", "Schon gut!", "No problem!", "Da nicht für!", "Halb so wild!". ;)
  4. Thomas W. Senior Member

    "Da nicht für!" is said in response to "Danke!" (Thank you)
    "No problem!" should never be used in German.
  5. Gernot Back

    Gernot Back Senior Member

    Cologne, Germany
    German - Germany
    Also, wenn ein gut aussehender junger Mann in der überfüllten Straßenbahn nach einer scharfen Bremsung die Balance verliert, mich versehentlich anrempelt und dann auch noch "Entschuldigung" sagt, würde ich vermutlich spontan "gern geschehen" (You are welcome!) sagen.:p

    Ansonsten käme in dieser Situation das förmliche "keine Ursache" (Not at all! [B.E] / Don't mention it! [A.E.]) sogar auch ungezwungen über meine Lippen. ;)
  6. Thomas W. Senior Member

    Again, "Keine Ursache!" and "Gern geschehen!" are responses to "Danke!", not to "Entschuldigung!".
  7. Gernot Back

    Gernot Back Senior Member

    Cologne, Germany
    German - Germany
    Are they? Well, my responses to both, "Danke(schön/sehr)" and "Entschuldigung" are "Bitte(schön/sehr)" and, as I said, "Keine Ursache" and "Gern geschehen"!
  8. Thomas W. Senior Member

    Well, each of the expressions "Bitte schön!", "Keine Ursache!" and "Gern geschehen!" imply that you have done some service for which the other party could owe you thanks. This, however, is not the case here, as "Entschuldigung" is said in situations where the other party has done something harmful to you or offended you (unintentionally).

    If someone said "Gern geschehen!" ("Happy to oblige!") to me after I, say, had tread on his toes and apologized, then I would assume that he was winding me up.
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  9. Gernot Back

    Gernot Back Senior Member

    Cologne, Germany
    German - Germany
    • "Bitte(schön)" can mean sth. like engl "(pardon is) granted"
    • "Keine Ursache" literally means "no cause/reason (to apologize)"
    • "Gern geschehen", as a response to somebody who apologizes for accidentally stepping on your feet, adds a sexually ambiguous/funny tone, of course!
    Anyway, as a native speaker I don't see anything inappropriate in any of these responses and I do use them in these contexts!
  10. Sowka

    Sowka Senior Member

    German, Northern Germany
    Hello everyone :)

    This seems to be a very personal usage of the words. In the specific example that you described above, I can understand that usage, but otherwise I would probably find it confusing if I were the person that said "Entschuldigung" to you.

    My responses to "Entschuldigung":
    - kein Problem
    - keine Sorge, ist nicht schlimm / niemand verletzt (the latter for people who know me)

    EDIT (after scrolling up):

    I can understand your reasoning behind "bitte" and "keine Ursache". However, this is not the way these expressions are used in my environment.

    "Keine Ursache" is said after someone said "danke!". In your case, if I were your accident partner ;), you'd have to give me your complete sentence in order for me to understand.
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  11. pinpirulin Member

    Surrey, UK
    Sorry it's slightly off topic, but: does one say "Da nicht fuer"? I thought it was "Nichts dafuer", was I wrong or are both expressions allowed?
  12. Demiurg

    Demiurg Senior Member


    "Da nicht für" is often used in Northern Germany. It's a stylistic device called "Tmesis":
  13. Gernot Back

    Gernot Back Senior Member

    Cologne, Germany
    German - Germany
    I would agree with Thomas here. Both expressions that are perfectly OK as responses to Danke

    Nicht dafür!
    Da nicht für!

    are inappropriate as responses to Entschuldigung, since they sound as though you wouldn't accept the "excuses".

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