cat got your tongue ?

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how can we translate the phrase "cat got your tongue ?" in french ?
I may have an idea : "tu donnes ta langue au chat ?"
  • wildan1

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    donner sa langue au chat means you can't find the answer to a question--a riddle for example

    Je donne ma langue au chat -- I give! (I give up)

    Cat got your tongue? means "Why aren't you saying anything?" Pourquoi ce silence ? Pourquoi es-tu silencieux ?

    Se dit en général sur un ton taquineur.


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    You only use "donner sa langue au chat" in the meaning of: giving up trying to guess something
    So "cat got your tongue" would be as Jeanbar said: "tu as perdu ta langue?" or alternatively "tu as avalé ta langue?"

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    Welcome, Moonlight :)
    "cat got your tongue ?" = "lost your tongue ?" Meaning "tu as perdu ta langue "? (you ask someone a question and he/she doesn't answer, or for just asking why someone doesn't speak up) (cf Jeanbar, Maped , Wildan)
    "donner sa langue au chat" means "give up" (cf: Wildan)
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