Catastrophe ambulante


Hello everyone!

I am trying to translate: "C'est une vraie catastrophe ambulante, ce type!"
I have looked up "catastrophe" and "ambulant" in dictionaries to see if I could find an equivalent of this expression, but I did not find any. I would like to keep the expression if possible, and not just translate into something like 'What a clumsy guy'.
Would "That guy is a real walking disaster" work? I'm not sure about 'disaster' here, because the meaning truly is that he is clumsy, not that he brings disaster or anything... And the "real" doesn't sound right either... Any suggestions?
  • Tatillon13

    Oh, thank you. I didn't know you could apply "area" to a person. In any case your syntax is a very good idea! I wouldn't have thought of using "that one" :)
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