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Discussion in 'English Only' started by Th3Doctor, Aug 28, 2012.

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    Hello folks.
    I'm in a bit of trouble here.

    I'm watching the new tv show "A touch of Cloth" an English police comedy, and I cant understand what they're saying...

    They're in a crime scene, blood everywhere and a mutilated body on the bed.

    One of the forensic team is pointing the blood spatters on the wall, saying that the victim was still alive while cut into pieces, then the detective says:
    "Usually best to try and catch it in a sock."


    I guess it should be a joke, but I cant tell...

    Here's the dialogue:
    Forensic: You see those spatters? He was moving. Lying there, horrified, writhing on the bed watching his own life fluids splash against the wall.
    Detective: Usually best to try and catch it in a sock.

    No further context... sorry.
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    What specific body fluid might one usually "catch in a sock"? This seems to be a rather rude joke.
  3. Th3Doctor New Member

    good lord.
    Got it now. I didnt thought about "that" fluid.

    Love it.

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