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    I think you could call a person who is immersed in a particular interest a "bug". Correct me if I am wrong. Is "catch the bug" an idiom, which means grow into the habit of doing sth? Does it always carry a negative connotation?

    Here is the context:
    Everyone began madly gambling their money on lotteries and other such pursuits, and Tseng's husband and mother-in-law caught the gambling bug.
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    You have understood correctly. Negative? Depends on whether you view the habit (in this case gambling) as negative or not! I've caught the bug of answering questions on a language forum......
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    Hi -

    The word "bug" is used as another name for a germ - it's slangy or humorous - a germ is like a microscopic insect.

    To "catch a bug" is to be infected with a disease.
    "I think I caught that bug that Andrew has, he sneezed on me yesterday."

    "To catch the gambling bug" is to be infected with a desire to gamble.

    I hope this helps-
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    Longman says:
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    Thanks, everyone! Your examples are great!

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