cater for a large number of delegates


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This sounds good ?

"Conferences are held in the convention lounge, which caters for a large number of delegates"

" Les conférences se déroulent dans le salon de la convention qui pourvoit aux besoins de nombreux des députés"

I said, pourvoit aux (for caters for), when I talk about the delegates? :idea:

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  • jann

    English - USA
    Actually, there's a little ambiguity here:

    In AE, "to cater to" = pourvoir, and sometimes we also say "to cater for."
    However, in AE, "to cater for" can also mean "to provide catering services for" = "to provide prepared food for"

    So either the convention lounge is designed to accommodate a large number of delegates... or quite possibly, the convention lounge is also able to provide food for a large number of delegates (if such a service is needed).

    There are a few threads about the pourvoir meaning of the expression:
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