cater for , cater to the French palate

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How to say: "Indian restaurants in France cater for the French palate."

(Generally speaking, the French prefer milder curries than do the English.)

I don't know how to use "cater for" in this sense.

Thanks in advance for comments.


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  • Gilles DENIS

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    "Les restaurants indiens en France s'adaptent au palais français"

    ou plus habituel :

    ""Les restaurants indiens en France s'adaptent au goût français"

    I'm French (in fact Breton) and I prefer very hot curries... but I grew up in Algeria !
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    "Caters for" in British - American often changes the preposition. e.g. different to/different from.
    "Caters to" in British sounds like "Panders to" i.e. changes to allow for different French taste = milder but more varied in spices.


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    En France, les restaurant indiens satisfont au goût français / à la demande française.
    " " " contentent le palais des Français.
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