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The school caters for children with learning difficulties.

This is a sentence from the Oxford Dictionaries under "cater for" entry. Would you mind telling me please if you see the sentence as meaning:

1. this is a school for children with learning difficulties and such children only
2. this is a school which is ready to take on (perhaps already has) and successfully teach children with learning difficulties
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    The verb "to cater" is in our dictionary. At the bottom of the page that gives the definition, there are links to other posts that explain "to cater". :thumbsup:


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    1. This is the more likely meaning although you should remove the last four words.

    2. This is possible although it is likely to be expressed differently of it doesn't already have some of them. "This school can cater for children with learning difficulties".


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    I think it could mean either, too - although on balance I'd expect it to mean primarily if not exclusively.
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