catheter ablation


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Please can you help me translate this terms.
Here is the context:
Catheter ablation is a commonly performed strategy employed for the treatment of atrial fibrillation. However ablation in the posterior wall of the left atrium can cause thermal injury to the esophagus. When significant thermal injury to the esophagus occurs, two significant complications can occur:
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    Been there, done that. I still don't know how to write any of the non-English characters on the computer at work because the security settings have been locked down so tight that I can't change anything. However, at least on iOS devices, one can write accented characters even on the regular keyboard by pressing and holding the character until the various alternative options (eg: ò ô ó ...) appear. Of course the automagical spelling confusor (if you have that turned on) only "works" in the keyboard language. The keyboard settings are accessible under Settings | General | Keyboard | Keyboards or Settings | General | International.
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