1. talkingmusic New Member

    I know that in some countried of Latin America (especially Venezuela) the adjective "catira" means a girl with blonde hair (like "rubia").
    I have not found such adjective in Wordreference and in other sources I found that the meaning of catiro/catira is "red hair person" and catira seems to be a plant.
    So, the question for the native speakers of Latin America is: what is the correct meaning in your country for "catiro/catira" if you use this adjective in your country?
  2. pukilin Member

    En Venezuela catira (f) o catire (m) se utiliza sólo para personas rubias.
  3. Idiomático Senior Member

    Virginia, USA
    Latin American Spanish
    Catire significa rubio en el dialecto cumanagoto. Su uso es muy común a través de Venezuela.

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