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Hello everyone,

Could you please confirm (or infirm) that if a guy says that one night, when he was a child, his dad caught him with a thumb and then beat him up, it means that he caught him sucking his thumb?
Or can it have another meaning?

Thanks a lot!
  • Anoukmac

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    A father beat his child up!:eek:
    Yes, I'm afraid so...

    Can you tell us the source and give us the sentence as it appears in that source, please?
    It's from an American TV series taking place in Boston in the 1990s. The guy who says that is an adult Black man. He explains that his father used to get beaten up by racist guys and then, when he would come home, he would do the same to his children. One day, he caught his son with a thumb and beat him up really badly.
    The sentence is: "He caught me with a thumb one night." and he shows his left eye that has gone blind.
    If it means "sucking his thumb", I was thinking maybe the father wanted his kids to be strong and seeing one of them sucking his thumb made him angry (although I don't approve, of course!!!!).
    Could it have another meaning, given the context?

    Thank you!
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