caught on an Abel

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He tries to derail the train:

"Then I heard the heavy thud and metal-scraping sound that could only be the hook dropping under the train... The damned hook bounced up and hooked onto the train itself! I humped back hand over hand, ducking down to check under the train, looking for the hook. <...> The damned thing was caught on an Abel.
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from "DOOM: Hell on Earth" – Dafydd Ab Hugh

What is an Abel?
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    Searching Google books gives it clearly as "Abel". The narrator slid across the covered axles until she could reach the hook whereupon she found it was caught on an Abel. So it definitely isn't an axle. However, I have not the faintest idea what an Abel is supposed to be. From the little bit I read they appear to be somewhere other than Earth, and the train isn't quite what we expect a train to be.
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