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I feel a bit strange using an english forum when it's my own language...

But, I want to use 'cause a stir' in an essay and I think it may be too casual. I want to write about somebody's opinions causing a stir within the political scene, but the way I've written it just makes it seem too casual, I don't like it. Can anybody think of another way of saying 'cause a stir'?

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    It doesn't sound too casual to me, bp, but you didn't give too much in the way of context. (Less casual than cause a fuss, a ruckus, etc.)

    Set off a strong reaction?
    Caused deep concern?


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    I think "caused a stir" may not be as informal as you fear. Related words that have slightly different registers include "furor," "storm," and "uproar." You might say "provoked heated discussion," for one.
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