cause he just done it for ducks

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Below is a sentence from Grapes of Wrath. The truck driver is talking about a friend of him who used to make up poetry, using a lot of big words.
But this guy was funny. You didn't give a damn when he said a big word 'cause he just done it for ducks.
What does ducks refer to here? Is it used in an idiomatic sense?
  • Barque

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    From the context, it seems to mean that he just did it for a joke, or for fun. I can't recall having heard this expression before.

    The Newt

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    I can't find any other instance of its use, but I suspect Barque is correct. Note that "ducks" rhymes with "yucks," which is slang for laughs.


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    If you search for The Grapes of Wrath Animal Analogies, you will find a treatise on the multiple uses author Steinbeck makes of animal analogies, particularly ducks.
    (I can't post the link, because there's a video)
    There's no specific reference to the quoted passage, but there might be something relevant.
    As a side note, if you've ever tried to keep ducks, you know they are truly "yucky.":D
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