'cause it's everything he ever saw


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It's the movie "Wish I was here".
Daddy is saying to his son that grandpa saved all the contact lenses he ever wore.
When his son asks why, daddy says,
"He said he just couldn't bear to throw them out 'cause it's everything he ever saw."
Either I am not getting this right or this is not right.
Shouldn't he say "because he saw everything through them"?
Or he is aiming at something more elaborated?

Thank you
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    Without seeing the film, it's hard to say for certain, but it sounds like the father is speaking in a poetic/Romantic manner, as if the grandfather only ever saw the glass, and the glass saw everything else for him.


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    The father is relaying to the son something the grandfather had said. Thus the sentence need not make perfect literal sense.

    The grandfather felt that the lenses in some sense contained everything he'd seen in his life, and for that reason, he didn't want to lose them.


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    Shouldn't he say "because he saw everything through them"? No.

    The main clue is "Why does he say when talking about thousands of contact lenses, "... it's everything he ever saw."?" What is "it"?

    The only possible meaning would be "... it's [i.e. the collection represents] everything he ever saw."

    Your "because he saw everything through them" is technically correct but this is an emotional moment and to use your words would be an unimaginative explanation, and would sound as if the speaker is a halfwit.


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    I think I agree with onthemightofprinces, more or less. I agree that it's poetic; it seems to me that the suggestion is that the grandfather believed that the "essence" of everything he saw was somehow trapped within the contacts.

    Edit: Crossposted with PaulQ and Florentia; we are, I think, on the same page.


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    As a matter of fact, he uses "through" after two lines.
    It doesn't sound to poetic to me, at least expressed this way, but anyway..
    Thanks to everybody!
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