cause ou fait juridique

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  1. Zarg Senior Member

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    WHat is that in English contractese?


    et qu’il n'existe aucune autre entente ou cession antérieure avec des tiers ni aucune cause ou fait juridique ou obligation qui limiterait ou affecterait la pleine jouissance par XXXXXXX

    that no previous transfer of rights exists with any third party, nor any xxxxxx which might limit or affect the full enjoyment of the license agreed to herein by
  2. tellect Senior Member

    ... nor any cause or juridical fact ...
  3. Zarg Senior Member

    English - Canada
    Really? That literally?
  4. bh7 Senior Member

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    Canada; English
    ... nor any legal cause or fact or obligation which might limit or affect the quiet enjoyment by ... of the licence granted herein by ...

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