'Cause sometimes he gets a bug up his bonnet.

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c men

Español - México
Hello to everyone I´d like to receive some help in the translation of the sentence showed above.

A little context is that a mother tells to another mother: "Don´t let your kid go out", and the other responds: "Of course not", then "'Cause sometimes he gets
a bug up his bonnet".

Thanks in advance, this time I don´t have a clue of the meaning of this !!
  • aztlaniano

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    English (Aztlán, US sector)
    "Se obsesiona por algo", diría yo.
    Es una mezcla de dos frases hechas que quieren decir casi lo mismo:
    To get a bee in one's bonnet.
    To get a bug up one's ass/arse.
    A lo mejor se obsesiona por algo que le molesta mucho, sobre todo con la segunda frase, con "bug".
    Con "bee in one's bonnet" podría ser una idea cualquiera, pero que acapara el pensamiento del afectado.


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    Perhaps you should mention that it´s from True Blood, the comedy series about vampires.
    It´s meant to be a funny pun. Bugs that suck blood...etc.
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