cause there's buggers all [bugger all] down here on earth


Spanish (Spain)
It's from the monty pythom film 'the meaning of life', here's the entire sentence:

'And pray that there's intelligent life somewhere up in space cause there's buggers all down here on earth'

I think it's maybe something like this:

'Y reza por que haya vida inteligente en algún lugar del espacio porque aquí abajo está lleno de hijos de puta'

Pero no estoy segura.

  • eldordogne

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    The expression should read "there is bugger all (down here on earth)".

    "bugger all" is a popular expression in the UK to mean "nada"!


    "There's bugger all food left"
    "I've got bugger all money"
    "Have you had any luck with the ladies recently? - No, bugger all"


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    I think "hijo de putas" or something similar is appropriate because "bugger" is an informal, quite offensive word (no se diría "bugger all" a su abuela!). So it needs something to keep it a bit rude (after all, it is Monty Python!)
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