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    Hey there,

    is there any idiom or phrasal verb which means "cause something to shine"? I came up with "ignite", but i'm not that sure about it.

    I'm writing a song, where i describe the mirage sometimes summer sun causes when it hits a wide street: it floods it with light, and it makes it shine like a mirror, or water.

    As far as possible, i need a bisillabic word or expression, to sound rythmically like "ignite" or "embrace"

    here's the verse i need it to fit:

    "Mirror streets we ride and it's gorgeous
    when the sun (IGNITES) em for us"

    i know it's nearly impossible, but i still hope to come up with a solution
  2. paul f Senior Member

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    Synonyms for ignite (from

    )burn, burst into flames, catch fire, enkindle, fire, flare up, inflame, kindle, light, put match to, set alight, set fire to, start up, take fire, touch off, enkindle, ignite, kindle, light, put a match to, set ablaze, set aflame, set alight, set fire to, set on fire, start a fire, touch off, bake, bask, blaze, boil, broil, calorify, chafe, char, enflame, enkindle, fire, flame, flush, frizzle, fry, glow, grill, grow hot, grow warm, ignite, incandesce, incinerate, inflame, kindle, melt, oxidate, oxidize, perspire, raise the temperature, reheat, roast, scald, scorch, sear, seethe, set on fire, singe, smelt, steam, sun, swelter, tepefy, thaw, toast, warm, warm up, brighten, fire, flash, floodlight, highlight, hit with a light, ignite, illume, illumine, irradiate, kindle, light, light up, lighten, limelight, spot, spotlight

    There are a few duplicates in there as the site lists its synonyms according to specific meanings but I hope somewhere in there is something you can use.
  3. pirsig New Member


    I don't think the word 'ignites' conveys the meaning you intend. Perhaps you could simply use the word 'shine'..

    "Mirror streets we ride and it's gorgeous
    when the sun shines em for us"

    Its a little more ambiguous but perhaps more poetic.
  4. shawnee

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    It is a manifestation that is a result of a kind of 'reflection'. I would play with 'reflects' by re-arranging the second line.

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