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    Hello, still on the construction website.
    They talk about the difficulties of preparing land for building : in un’area pianeggiante lontana chilometri da cave di estrazione.

    I thought "cave di estrazione" would be easy to find in a dictionary - but I was wrong!
    If a "cava" is not for "estrazione", what on earth else could it be for:eek:???
    I wondered if simply "quarry" would be enough as a translation or if "cava di estrazione" is something more specific? Boh!
    Any views anyone?
    Thanks, Anglo
  2. Einstein

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    Hi, Anglo!:)
    You're right; after all, a literal translation would be "quarrying quarries"! But they probably want to emphasise that the quarry would be the source of the building materials. Maybe you could say just that: "... from quarries for the building materials".
  3. anglomania1

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    Piacenza, Italy
    UK English
    That might be the best bet. I never know in Italian if they put in extra words just for the sake of it or whether it changes the meaning!!:)
    Thanks, Anglo

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