1. Eva Maria Banned

    Aventurières - Alexine Tinne (Las fuentes del Nilo
    Catalonia / Spain (Catalan / Spanish)
    Me again, of course!

    Estoy dudando cómo traducir "cazón" al inglés:

    - Gilthead (¿Sería suficiente así?)

    - Gilt-head (¿Separado?)

    - Gilthead Bream / Gilt-head Bream

    - Gilthead Seabream / Gilt-head Seabream

    Who knows?

  2. Iararo Senior Member

    Buenos Aires - Argentina
    Spanish - Argentina
    ¡Hola Evamaria!

    ¿Cazón, de tiburón? Yo lo conozco como "dogfish".
  3. Eva Maria Banned

    Aventurières - Alexine Tinne (Las fuentes del Nilo
    Catalonia / Spain (Catalan / Spanish)
    Oh, gracias, Iararo!

    Imagino que hay muchas formas de decirlo. Pero creo haberlo visto como "Gilthead" en menús europeos.

  4. xarruc Senior Member

    Cazón is Dogfish. It is some kind of small shark.

    Gilthead, or bream, or sea bream, is dorado in Spanish, Besugo is a related type of bream. The cazón flesh looks nothing like besugo or dorado.

    My fishmonger told me its called musima en catalan, but I think that ought to be mussola or caçó
  5. amazinglarry Member

    In the U.S. cazón may also refer to other species of small sharks in the Western Atlantic Ocean, in addition to dogfish - for example one species is called "Atlantic sharpnose" and may be referred to as "cazón" - but of course this refers to the species in the water as opposed to on the dinner table
  6. raulcvc Member

    Spanish - Spain
    Yesterday I was lunching in Almeria at a restaurant near the beach. in the menu "Cazón" was referred in english as "smoothhound".
  7. rainbow84uk Senior Member

    English, UK
    Sorry to revive this old thread, but I have cazón for lunch at work today and and I couldn't remember the translation in English so I just looked it up here.

    Dogfish sounds right for the kind of fish, but just wanted to add that this fish is more often called 'rock salmon' or just 'rock' in chip shops and restaurants in Britain (I suppose because that sounds more appealing than 'dogfish'.)
  8. Ibermanolo Senior Member


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