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  1. Ibiscus

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    Northern Italian
    Can you translate fo me the expression (vulgaris) "cazzata, cagata"?
    Do you know the italian meaning?
    When, for instance, you want to say to someone not to go on telling a ridicolous and definitly not true story you can stop him and answer:" nn dire cagate..!" (= don't tell "..........")

    Thanks very much..
  2. Alberto77 Senior Member

    Italian - Italy
    What about "crap"?
  3. Sil313

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  4. SweetSoulSister Senior Member

    American English
    I know in AE, we can also say...
    :warn: All of these are vulgar:
    You are full of shit.
    Stop bullshitting me.
    That's bullshit.
    That's a load of shit/crap.
  5. _forumuser_

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    New York City
    In American English:

    Non dire cazzate = That's bullshit! :warn:

    O la variante piu' pudica: that's bull! :)

    SCusa, SSS.
  6. Siberia

    Siberia Senior Member

    UK-Wales - English
    Does it need to have the same degree of vulgarity?
    If not a common expression is: What a load of codswallop!
    What a cock and bull story.
  7. SighingatSilvio Senior Member

    Australia - English
    It occurred to me I hadn't resolved this one:

    In English you will encounter the word 'bullshit' :warn: frequently - everyday speech, film, writing, ecc.

    But we use it as a collective noun, whereas in Italian 'cazzate' :warn: is plural obviously. From what I've seen over time it's normally in the plural form in Italian expressions, but you sometimes come across the singular 'cazzata'.

    Anyway I expect this means in Italian you would say 'sono cazzate' :warn: for our 'it's bullshit', 'quelli sono cazzate' for our 'that's bullshit', and so on?
  8. Paulfromitaly

    Paulfromitaly MODerator

    Brescia (Italy)
    Cazzata is countable in Italian, you can refer to a single think as a cazzata or to many things as cazzate.
    When we mean nonsense we tend to use the plural, however.
  9. SighingatSilvio Senior Member

    Australia - English
    Good God I even ran a search before posting.

    On the plural.

    Imagine my surprise...

    Hmm reading over, this doesn't quite answer my question here. You mean you would NOT say 'sono cazzate'?! (and the other one I have there).

    It's just...well 'don't talk bullshit' :warn: is another thing again in English. That sounds more like 'non dire cazzate' to me.
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  10. Paulfromitaly

    Paulfromitaly MODerator

    Brescia (Italy)
    I've said quite the opposite actually: when we mean nonsense we tend to use the plural, that is "(sono) cazzate" :)
  11. SighingatSilvio Senior Member

    Australia - English
    God bless you - so the verb e' plurale!!

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