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    Hi, everyone
    Could someone please tell me what ''CC'' stands for in the following context, taken from ''The Camera Eye 37'', in ''1919'' by John Dos Passos:
    Time: 1918
    Location: France
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    They appear to be some kind of laxative. C.C. apparently stands for Compound Cathartic.

    C.C. Pills

    Extracti colocynthidis compositi ____ .08 gm.
    Hydrargyri chloridi mitis ___________ .06 gm.
    Cambogiae __________________________ .016 gm.
    Resinae jalapae _____________________ .02 gm.

    These compound cathartic pills were used to help with perfect bowel elimination, characteristic of this were dark, thick, green mucous stools.(158,p.8)
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    CC pills were a common remedy for pretty much any digestive ailment, and I believe they were common even in WWII.

    They were also used in treating alcoholism, for some reason, though I don't know when this practice was prevalent.

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