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In this phrase:

Il faut qu'il fasse un kilometre de course, ce dont il n'etait pas capable.

Is it possible to just say "dont" instead of "ce dont"?

  • janpol

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    non, "ce" est indispensable =
    Il fallait qu'il fasse un kilomètre de course, ce dont il n'était pas capable.


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    hi ladeedadee - actually I think it is possible to omit the 'ce', but it would change the meaning of the sentence to something rather odd. It would suggest that he was capable of running some kilometer races but not others, and that he was being required to run one of the kilometer races that he was incapable of running!


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    If "dont" refers to a noun, or a groupe of words that can be replaced with a noun, then there's no way to say "ce".
    But, if it refers to a whole proposition, such as your example, we have to say "ce" that stands as a personal pronoun for the whole sentence just said.
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