Ce qu'elle m'a fait(e?)

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    Hello everyone,

    In the following sentence, where the "me" is feminine, do you agree the "fait"?

    "Je ne sais pas ce qu'elle m'a faite."

    ("I don't know what she did to me.")

    Thanks in advance :)
  2. floise Senior Member

    Hi Agent Literary,

    I'd say no, because the direct object which precedes the verb is the 'what' not the 'to me'. (She did what to me). The indirect object has no bearing on the agreement of the past participle of the passé composé.

  3. Agent Literary

    Agent Literary Senior Member

    Paris, France
    England, English
    Thanks Floise,

    Never quite got to grips with this stuff. Thanks for the clarification (it was my instinct, after all!).

  4. Frapap Senior Member

    That's right !:thumbsup:
  5. Pomdapi

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    français - France
    "ce qu'elle m'a fait"

    sorry, it's a bit complicated to me to explain in English so I go on in French, hope you will understand...

    La règle est " on accorde le participe passé avec le complément d'objet direct, s'il est placé avant le participe".
    Quel est donc le complément d'objet direct dans cette phrase?

    "m" or "moi" answers the question : elle a fait ça à qui? à moi. moi est complément d'objet indirect (on utilise la préposition à)

    elle a fait quoi ? answer : "que", which refers to "ce" which doesn't mean much by itself, but is masculine. "que" is the complément d'objet direct (pas de préposition). On accorde le participe avec "que" donc au masculin.

    Sorry not very clear...maybe better to ask this in the grammar forum?

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