Ce qui s'est passé ...

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    I am having difficulty translating the sentence "What happened to me today excited me so much."

    Ce qui s'est passé ...

    I'm unsure about where the "to me" would fit in, and also the last half of the sentence in general.

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    « Ce qui m'est arrivé aujourd'hui m'a tellement excité ».
  3. flaneur Member

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    With some searching I have discovered that "happened to me" is better translated as "m'est arrivé"

    So I think you could say
    Aujourd'hui, ce qui m'est arrivé a été très passionant.

    So: Today, what happened to me was very exciting.
    I don't know if it works to say Ce qui m'est arrivé aujourd'hui a été très passionant. It may not be grammatically correct.

    Exciting is a hard word to translate because in french "excité" means more agitated or sexually excited, i think. So you have to find another word... passionant means exciting, fascinating, etc.

    And I am not a native, so...
  4. flaneur Member

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    Or, you know... what he said.

  5. RexPP New Member

    Thank you both. Using "arriver" certainly makes things easier.
  6. Embonpoint Senior Member

    In addition to the sexual meaning mentioned above "exciter" can also mean agitate.

    There are a lot of possibilities, so maybe if you are a little more specific about what kind of excitement, someone can suggest the perfect word!

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