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  1. westwind Senior Member

    I know it is normal to say Celadon bowl, but what is the case with 'Celadon bowl base'? If ''Celadon bowl base" is not acceptable, how to express the bowl base is made of celadon in this caption: celadon bowl base from the Jin-Yuan period.
    Thank you!
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    Do you mean that the base is made from caledon, but not the bowl itself?
    If so, please describe this in more detail.

    Or do you mean that the whole bowl is made of caledon, but you are showing only the base?
  3. westwind Senior Member

    It was a caledon bowl and now only the base survives.
  4. entangledbank

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    'Celadon bowl base' is ambiguous as to whether it's the bowl or the base that's celadon: between "base of a celadon bowl" and "bowl base that's celadon". Traditionally, pottery was all the one kind - it would be highly unusual to have a bowl that was tenmoku on most of it but celadon on the base - but this possibility is conjured up by the phrase, which doesn't seem the normal way of expressing either possibility. And if it's only the base that survives, that's a third possibility - 'base of a celadon bowl' is clear for that. (Assuming that that in context makes it clear only the base survives.)
  5. westwind Senior Member

    Thank you entangledbank! By the way, this phrase is a the capton to a picture. Should it be written as ''The base of a celadon bowl" or just"Base of a celadon."

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