Celebrate by the cupful

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Hi everyone,

I am new on the forum and I find it very useful!

I'd like to know how you would translate or express the phrase:
"Celebrate By The Cupful"

I can't find any proper translation or equivalent in French..

Thank you.

  • Patatos

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    Ok I see. It's a bit more complicated to translate as, in my opinion, it is a play on words. You won't have the same turn of phrase in French.

    Here cupful means entirely, and is a reference to how much a cup can hold.
    So I would say : "Faire la fête jusqu'à plus soif" . "Faire la fête autant que la tasse peut contenir" . "La fête sera à la mesure de ce que la tasse peut contenir". But it's a bit ugly. And this translation is made word by word. In order to keep the meaning, you have to change the whole sentence. Such as "une tasse pour faire la fête"


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    Advertising copy often needs to be rewritten for the target audience. Depending on the idea and contents of the ad, you might want to say for example:

    Célébrez les fêtes en beauté !
    Bonnes fêtes, tasse après tasse !
    Célébrez en couleur !
    Des fêtes tout en couleurs et en saveur !
    Pour des fêtes hautes en couleur et en saveur...

    You get the point.


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    In fact, I was going for Une tasse pour les fêtes at first but always good to get knowledge from advanced speakers.

    Your suggestions are definitely helpful.

    Thank you so much!
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