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Hello all,

People celebrate this festival in celebration of the foundation of People’s Republic of China, the so-called New China dating back to 1949.
This is a self-made sentence.

I don't like there appear two "celebrates" (the underlined parts).
What's the alternative?

PS. "so-called" doesn't work well here, but it belongs to another thread, I think. :)

Many many thanks.
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    I suggest replacing "in celebration of" with "to commemorate."

    Also, it should be the "founding" of the PRC, not "foundation."


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    "At this festival, people celebrate the founding of the People's Republic of China..."

    That way you don't have to repeat yourself. This also works:

    "This festival is a celebration of the founding of the People's Republic of China..."

    When you don't want to repeat a word or phrase, just try shifting the syntax around. :)
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