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    Hi all!

    Something in this sentence, with the double-use of the word 'celebration', says me that it is not correct. Do you have some improvement suggestions as I do not get it anymore.

    "I could write this recommendation with plenty of celebrating words, but he does not like the celebration of his own being"...

    With love,
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    What's your source for this Arianne?

    "I could write this recommendation with plenty of flattering words, but he does not like personal praise/aggrandisement"...
  3. ard.houtstaak Member

    It is just for a thought-experiment while practicing the use of some words... but as a non-native speaker it is sometimes a bit messy to translate specific thoughts. And this is exactly what I try to practice: thinking not only from my own language to the other language, but also in the non-native language. A good feeling for the language is essential for using it adequately.

    Thank you anyway for your thoughts... this is a very interesting sentence.
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    We often try to avoid repeating the same word for stylistic reasons, but there is nothing inherently wrong in using the same word more than once particularly if it is the best word. We sometimes get some very odd sentences because the poster feels that a different synonym must be used each time so the sentence gets farther and farther away from the intended meaning as it goes.

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