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I have come across this expression today after a tweet sent by a member of the "red hot chili peppers" band on Twitter saying that "I have a celebrity crush on Neslihan Darnel" who is a player on Turkey Women's National Volleyball Team competing currently at the London Olympics.

Does this expression mean falling in love with a celebrity? Is it just a liking or fancy? Or is it dreaming about a celebrity?
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    It's not nearly that specific. A crush is an infatuation and is normally not considered particularly serious, but when it's on someone you've never met and are never likely to meet in any meaningful way, it's even less serious than when it involves someone one knows. What it means when used in reference to a celebrity is normally something along the lines of "He's really cute!" or possibly "He's my favorite celebrity." The phrase is therefore not as descriptive of how someone genuinely feels as you might think. It's usually used very lightly and casually, and that's how it should be taken.


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    Yes, a physical attraction to a celebrity or infatuation with one (who is not likely to reciprocate your feelings!). By the way, it's "on a team."
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