Cellphones have been around for, like, ever

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    Hi everyone,:)
    I have trouble understanding the meaning of the line in bold. Would someone like to explain it to me? Thanks.

    In a history class, Mr Matthews, Riley's father and teacher, suggests to his students that they spend time connecting with each other face to face, not through cellphones. Riley disapproves of his idea and says "Dad, adjust and deal. Cellphones have been around for, like, ever".( from Girl Meets World, Season 1, Episode 2)
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    People have been using cellphones for a long time.
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    If we get rid of the "like" crutch that obsesses some teenagerrs, does that help?

    Cellphones have been around for, like, ever (figuratively)
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    To teenagers, "forever" is equivalent to "before I was born," apparently. The sentence means the same thing as "Cellphones have existed forever" - "been around" is an idiom for something being present or nearby or in existence (the last in this case).

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