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We're translating a movie and there is a sentence we didn't understand.
A father says to his daughter: "We share a Celtic soul, you and I."
What is a "Celtic soul"? What does that mean?

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    It could mean that father and daughter share a common culture (Celtic), i.e. probably from Ireland.
    There is a type of music called celtic soul music, but more than that I cannot say.


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    Hello ZIPC

    It might be a reference to the fact that the Celtic temperament is traditionally seen as sensitive, romantic, visionary, poetic ... but on the other hand it might not;).

    We need you to give us some more information about the context: what's the title of the film and where's it set? What sort of person is the father and is his daughter similar to him? And so on....


    Later edit: Ah, it's just struck me - this is from the film Saving Mr Banks, isn't it? Said by the father of the little girl who later became P L Travers, the author of Mary Poppins?

    Then, although this part of the film takes place in Australia, P L Travers' father was Irish by descent. He's romanticising his [irresponsible] approach to life by saying that it's due to his Irish temperament; and he's telling his daughter that she has the same temperament. "We share a Celtic soul" is a 'poetic' way of putting it.
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