cena de Pascua - Passover Sedar instead of Easter Dinner


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In Spanish how do I differentiate between celebrating a Jewish passover sedar and an Easter dinner. This year they are on the same weekend and I want to be able to say that on Good Friday I am going to eat a Passover meal. I'm Christian so the context will not help my reader. The assumption would be that I was talking about Easter dinner if I said, "cena de Pascua".
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    Hola, la diferencia es que Passover Sedar se refiere a la Pascua Judía y Easter dinner es la Pascua de Resurrección que celebramos los cristianos por la muerte y resurrección de Cristo.


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    Could you explain the difference between Passover and Easter.

    I know both terms mean Pascua. I do know the accurate meaning of Pascua in Spanish since the term is ambiguous.

    Thank you!
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