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Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by Masinzol, Apr 24, 2013.

  1. Masinzol New Member

    Salve a tutti.
    In pratica vorrei tradurre "Cena sociale", cioè una cena tra soci di un Club. Si può usare Social gathering party or dinner, oppure esiste un modo di tradurre ad hoc ??
    Grazie :)
  2. Mary49

    Mary49 Senior Member

    Forse "club dinner"?
  3. Bookmom

    Bookmom Senior Member

    Hi Masinzol,

    A social gathering is generic and doesn't refer specifically to a dinner for the members of a club. It would be fine if you were addressing a letter to club members to invite them to a social gathering including dinner. Is it a formal or informal affair? Clubs often have annual banquets, more formal affairs, as well.
  4. Masinzol New Member

    Grazie ad entrambi !
  5. AlabamaBoy

    AlabamaBoy Senior Member

    Northern Colorado USA
    American English
    On the West Coast, you could say "a dinner social" which is a very literal translation.

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