centrador de embrague

Discussion in 'Specialized Terminology' started by holdaway, May 19, 2009.

  1. holdaway Member

    English - Canadian
    Does anyone know the meaning of 'centrador de embrague'? It would be an auto body or car garage term. I think 'embrague' means 'clutch' but not sure.
  2. Titi Hilda Senior Member

    Definition from the U. of Granada online English-Spanish Dictionary
    clutch1 (n.): embrague

    Centrador: Could it be the pedal?

    This is from About.com. Could not find centrador in dictionary.

    Pedal to the left of the brake. Pedal on cars with manual transmissions that enables the driver to change gears.
  3. Bula Senior Member

    Português - Brasil
    Holdaway: what is the function of this "centrador"?
    Could be the core of the disc? Or the bearing of this threefold system?

    As Titi wrote, clutch is "embrague" in spanish
  4. k-in-sc

    k-in-sc Senior Member

    Clutch centering member, I think (one way at least)
  5. clipper Senior Member

    England´s english
    This is not a part of a vehicle.

    It's a workshop tool which is required in order to install a clutch.

    The English translation is clutch centering tool.
  6. Titi Hilda Senior Member

    Thank you Foreros: There are many pages on the Internet using the term clutch centering tool. ..."My problem is that the kit did not come with a clutch centering tool."
  7. SJV Senior Member

    I don't know why my previous post was deleted by the moderator, but I was giving you my opinion that this "centrador de embrague" is a "pilot tool" used in installation of clutch plates.


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