central <banking><bank> system

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Hello everybody,
Which one is the correct term?

Central banking system
1_ The central banking system of the United States consists of twelve district banks.
"Longman Complete Course for TOEFL"

2_ The issue of independence of central banks needs to be seen in the context of the very structure of the central banking system in place.
"Central Banking for Emerging Market Economies Book"

Central bank system
3_From the experience of the Bundesbank one can see that it is of decisive importance for the political independence of a federatively structured central bank system that all regional /national representatives are treated equally in all respects.
"The European Central Bank: Credibility, Transparency, and Centralization Book"

Is there any difference between the two?
  • Uncle Jack

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    It is hard to say, but the third one might be a system belonging to a central bank, while the first two describe nation's banking arrangements. Certainly "central banking system" is common in relation to nations or federations. I don't recall having come across "central bank system" before, but the mention of the Bundesbank (a "central bank": the national bank of Germany) in this context offers some support to my suggestion.
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