centre fold


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Context:"To be continued in next month's issue,oh great,well,this thing doesn't even have a centre fold'?

could someone tell me what is centre fold?
  • bibliolept

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    A "centerfold" (AE spelling) is a double-page picture in "men's magazines" of a naked or scantily-dressed woman, most famously from the magazine "Playboy."

    Depending on the nature of the publication being discussed in the narration that you're reading, it may be humorous to suggest that it would include a centerfold.

    I am adding this link, but be aware that it features a single nude picture, though it's quite tasteful and artistic.: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Centerfold

    Cathy Rose

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    In a so-called "gentleman's magazine," such as Playboy, it would be a photograph of a naked woman. The speaker is complaining that, not only does he have to wait a month for the story to be continued, he doesn't even get to look at a naked woman.


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    I am used to seeing "centrefold/centerfold" (all one word). A quick Google search finds "center fold" (no discrimination in search terms) 231,000 times, "centre fold" (38,200 times), "centrefold" (188,000 times) and "centerfold" (4,120,000 times). The spelling preference, therefore, appears to be the one-word version. Just thought I'd pass that along.:)
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