Centro de acogida de menores


Hi everybody!
I'm trying to translate into english my CV, but i have problems to say "centro de acogida de menores" (a place, a flat, where some chidren live while their parents are in drug rehabilitation, or where children are waiting to be adopted...),...I don't know if this is clear for you, but if someone can help me,...
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    Hi Malpi,
    Well. When the children are removed from their parents they are sometimes put in a "foster home" which, by the way, many translate as "hogar de crianza", which means that is usually with a family, under the care of "foster parents". I don't know what the name would be for a flat or another type of place, maybe it would be a temporary "shelter" ?

    Wait for more answers.


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    Hola Malpi
    Yo stoy traduciendo mi cv al ingles tb. Y he traducido centro de acogida como "Children's Care Home". A ver si te sirve.

    Un saludo
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