Centro de Control y Confianza

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  1. Brimstone Senior Member

    México Spanish
    Hola a todos. ¿Me pueden ayudar con la frase Centro de Control y Confianza? Es una institución legal del Gobierno para manejar información confifencial sobre los cuerpos policíacos. Mi intento es Confidential and Control Center.
  2. juandiego

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    Granada. España
    Spanish from Spain
    Yo voto que está bien, especialmente porque por aquí utilizamos Confidencial para referirnos a salvaguardar del público conocimiento.
  3. Brimstone Senior Member

    México Spanish
    Hola, Juan Diego. Gracias por tu respuesta. Para Ed the Editor, la frase se puede traducir como Center for Control and Confidence. Recibe un saludo.
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  4. Brimstone Senior Member

    México Spanish
    Hi everyone. Is Confidential and Control Center an accurate translation from Spanish into English of the phrase Centro de Control y Confianza? It is a kind of a Police Center intended to keep track of the police corporations´ dossiers and conduct. A possible answer could be: Control Center and Confidentiality. Please feel free to correct my wording. Thanks in advance.
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  5. charisma_classic

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    English, U.S.A.

    I am not sure what this would be called in Engligh, but "Confidential and Control Center" sounds quite odd, though better than the other.

    "Control Escolar" is "Academic Affairs" so perhaps "Police Affairs Center" would be a start?
  6. Brimstone Senior Member

    México Spanish
    Hi, Charisma Classic. What about Police Confidence Center or Center for Control and Confidence? That´s what a native speaker of English (as yourself) and translator, Ed the Editor, proposes. I am aware it is a weird expression, but it is already going around in México. Thanks for the trouble. Best regards.
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